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Sunday, April 13th 2008

7:07 PM

Andy Knight

  • How pissed am I: sad today
  • People I hate today: no one right now
  • Are kittens cute? nope
  • What do I want to eat? I'm not hungry

I was going to write a blog all about our fun filled trip to Yellowknife but sometimes more important things come to light.

Today I heard that my friend, mentor, and former boss Andy Knight has passed away.  It came as a complete shock to me.  I remember working at Red Rover with him and always wondering what crazy adventure we would go on next.  It could be a day out pitching shows to network executives or a run to a game store to buy a foosball table.  For a while I wore the title “Andy Wrangler” because I worked with him so closely while at the studio.  I’m very proud and happy to have known a great artist, animator, and person for the 5 years that I did.  He taught me to try out ideas and how to build things creatively.

My condolences to his wife and 3 children.

Andy I’ll miss you.

4 Comment(s).

Posted by willy ashworth:

Hi Chris

I found out about Andy's passing this past Friday, and I to was very shocked, but mostly saddened that someone of his great talent has left us so early. I'm most upset for his family and friends.

Andy could do it all..one of the few who could.

I can only imagine what you must be thinking today. E-mail me if you want to talk and get caught up. I'm in PEI now.

Monday, April 14th 2008 @ 8:03 AM

Posted by Clive Powsey:

Hi Chris; my condolenscences; you guys really were like the odd couple at RR when I did some work there, great fun to see you at work together. Terrible loss, especially for family. I don't have anything but good memories of the guy and nothing but gratitude for his encouragement of my modest efforts on the job; there's probably hundreds or thousands of others thinking the same thing. Take care Chris, take care of yourself, your loves, your likes, your friends and aquaintances and enjoy life while we have it. I hadn't seen him for a few years, but now I miss him too.
Wednesday, April 16th 2008 @ 1:00 AM

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